What`s New

EMP is pleased to announce the launch of our most rewarding and exciting loyalty program, which depends on Recency, frequency and monetary (RFM) mechanism by using any bank debit/credit, Visa or MasterCard cards. We have called this program “EMplus”.

EMplus is a loyalty solution that capitalizes on the idea of "one card, one swipe". Banks & merchants are not required to issue their own loyalty cards. Cardholders are no more required to hold multiple of loyalty cards. The same bank payment card will act as the loyalty card for selective merchants, which we have recruited earlier to participate in the launch campaign.

EMP POS recognizes the eligible cards and immediately grants the cardholder substantial benefits like instant discounts, electronic coupons or free gifts to benefit from participating merchants and more than 150 outlets.

This is just the beginning for EMplus, on weekly basis new merchant will be added. Keep on tracking the website and mobile App to make sure you are aware of all new offers and promotions at current participating outlets to benefit from the substantial awards.

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